About Shitagiya Clove

Shitagiya Clove is an online store selling underwear for people who have or have had breast cancer.

The underwear has been developed based on our founder’s experience as a breast cancer survivor. After undergoing a mastectomy, she found choosing underwear difficult and wanted to create something that breast cancer survivors could wear comfortably.


We have poured our hearts into creating underwear in which pads can be comfortably inserted and removed, that is not too tight, and is 100% cotton. This keeps it feeling pleasant even when the wearer is sweating due to the hot flushes that accompany hormone treatment.


Shitagiya Clove Founder Mie Bowman’s Story


I was born in July 1981. Upon entering the workforce, I found myself working morning to night, even on weekends, first as a nursing care worker and then in the travel industry. It was around this time, as I approached the age of thirty, that I found a lump in my right breast. As a precaution, I had it looked at by a hospital, but they said it was not cancer, so I went on just having it checked every six months.

In 2013, I got married and moved to a new prefecture.

As a result, I had my next check-up at a different hospital, where I was told it was breast cancer. At the age of 31, three months after getting married, I became a breast cancer patient. Of course I was anxious about matters like whether I’d live or what kind of treatment or surgery I would have to have, but at 31, a relatively young age to contract cancer, I had an extra worry. Would I be able to become a mother? After undergoing surgery, I found out it was stage 0 breast cancer. Following thorough discussions with the doctor and my husband, I chose not to undergo further treatment and was blessed with two daughters. And now, five years since I first found out I had breast cancer, I am enjoying raising children, working and hobbies in full health. In June 2016, I underwent breast reconstruction surgery and started the process of creating a new breast.


There are many young women facing breast cancer who are not only worrying about surgery and treatment, but also about major aspects of their lives such as education, employment, love, marriage, pregnancy, and childbirth. I myself was consumed with worry about whether I would be able to become a mother and at that time, I was unable to find much information. As a result, I decided to make my story – From Discovering I had Breast Cancer at 31 to the Day I Became – public. (Unfortunately, it is not yet available in English.)

Since being diagnosed with breast cancer, a lot of good things have also happened to me. I have had experiences and opportunities to meet people that have only come about because of the cancer. I want to communicate to people that happy and lucky events will still happen.


About Kimihug®

-underwear that cares for both the body and soul of women experiencing breast cancer and hot flushes.


Made in Japan

Kimihug® is manufactured by Shimazaki Co., Ltd., a company established 65 years ago that specializes in skilled stitching and soft comfortable fabrics. The underwear was developed through trial fittings involving many breast cancer patients.


Two colors available.

Pink beige or charcoal gray.


Available in four sizes – S, M, L, and LL

<Size Chart>
S – Bust: 72-80cm    Length: 64.0cm
M– Bust: 79-87cm    Length: 65.0cm
L – Bust: 86-94cm    Length: 66.0cm
LL – Bust: 93-101cm  Length: 67.0cm

<Reference bra sizes>
S: A65 A70 B65 C65
M: A70 A75 B70 B75 C65 C70
L: A80 B75 B80 C75 C80
LL: A85 B80 B85 C80 C85


\5,000 per item(Not including consumption tax, postage and any other charges)
For delivery within Japan –

Clickpost (arrives in mailbox): \198 per item to anywhere in Japan.
Courier service (handed to you directly): From \750 depending on location.
For delivery outside of Japan, an estimate will be made case by case. Although the cost differs according to country and delivery method, it generally starts from around ¥2,000.
Please understand we are not able to refund or exchange items after purchase.

Purchase Method

We do not send items until a bank transfer has been received. Please send a message by email or using the form below and we will contact you regarding the price and transfer details.

Please send a message using the form below.

Kimihug® Features

Feature 1: Pad Pockets


Kimihug features pad pockets which enable you to easily insert pads to compensate for bust volume that has been lost through surgery.
*We recommend using pads made of light materials such as sponge. Using heavier materials such as silicon may result in uneven positioning.

Feature 2: A pleasant feel, even when sweating


Kimihug is made using kyounen (strong-twist) cotton, a cool, pleasant material that is gentle on your skin.Kyounen is made from cotton yarns that are strongly twisted together, which provides the following benefits:
・Does not cling to your skin
・Feels pleasant in hot weather
・Cool and comfortable to wear
The body is made from 100% cotton
It is a safe choice for people looking for a way to counter hot flushes and people who are not comfortable in synthetic fibers.

Feature 3: Not too tight below the bust


People undergoing breast cancer treatment or breast reconstruction are particularly sensitive to the constriction caused by underwiring and elasticated bands.  The section under the bust uses stretch lace to provide stability without being too tight.If you are wondering about irritation from the lace, don’t worry! Our designer wants to make life more comfortable for people suffering cancer, even if just a little bit, and came up with the idea attaching fabric so the lace does not touch the skin. We are always pursuing comfort.

Kimihug® also offers the following features

下着屋Clove タグなし

・Seams have been flattened

下着屋クローブ 脇パット

・Pads have been placed beneath the armpits to erase sweat patch concerns
・Wash care label is on the outside of the garment
・Long length to protect the stomach
It is also ideal for light exercise once you are feeling better physically. One of its best features is that it can be worn comfortably long after your treatment is over.


Body: 100% cotton
Lace section: Nylon, polyester, other
Made in Japan.

Pad Included

下着屋Clove パット

A set of pads are included to give the underwear an attractive, natural profile (two pads per set).
Does not include pads to add volume. If needed, these must be provided by the wearer.

Pads Sizes

Pads for S, M, and L sizes
Diameter :10cm
Thickness: 3.0cm
Pads for LL size
Diameter 12cm
Thickness 3.5cm

Outer material: 100% polyester
Filling material: Polyurethane foam
Made in China

Instructions for Washing at Home

Garments can be washed at home if placed in a net with the pads removed.We recommend washing the pads by hand to avoid losing their shape. Please scrub lightly in lukewarm water with small amount of detergent.Please dry in a shaded location away from direct sunlight.

Customer Testimonial (excerpts)


Kyoko: It really reduced discomfort caused by sweating, such as the wetness and stickiness of sweat patches after exercising or hot flushes. My hot flushes can occur in an instant, and after sweating in winter I would often suffer from feeling cold, but the underwear was even effective against this. I didn’t expect it to be this comfortable.


Takako Kawasaki

下着屋Clove 川崎様

Takako Kawasaki:I had just had reconstruction surgery on June 7 and the skin on my right breast was still hard, so it was difficult to wear normal bras (especially wired ones). However, this underwear is soft in all the places it touches the skin, so I could wear it without stress. Also, this summer has been hotter than usual, which has unfortunately coincided with menopausal hot flushes, so having underwear made from a comfortable, cool material has been a daily relief. My work involves a lot of interviewing people and taking photos, so I’m also happy not to have to worry about choosing clothes with underarm padding.Soon the skin will begin to soften and my new breast will be constructed, but its clear that this underwear will accommodate the change in my breast so I don’t have to worry. Also, the material is stretchy so I use it for exercising too. Just by buying underwear I have made my life more comfortable and expanded the activities that I can do. It has been a great find.

Purchase Method

We do not send items until a bank transfer has been received. Please send a message by email or using the form below and we will contact you regarding the price and transfer details.Please send a message using the form below.

Shitagiya Clove


◆ Name: Shitagiya Clove
◆Representative: Mie Bowman
Okayama-ken,  Okayama-shi, Ouchida 714-1,
Okayamaryutukaikan, SoryusseOkayama

◆Contact Information
Email: shitagiya.clove@gmail.com

◆Business Hours: 9:00-16:00 (Japan time)
Closed on weekends and public holidays

◆Main Bank
Chugoku Bank
Tomato Bank

◆Core philosophy: Shitagiya Clove strives to improve the quality of life of people who have experienced breast cancer and supports the activities of the Japan Breast Cancer Research Group

About the Japan Breast Cancer Research Group (JBCRG)
The JBCRG is a clinical research organization specializing in breast cancer comprising members who are active in breast cancer treatment and research.Shitagiya Clove donates a portion of its proceeds to the JBCRG in order to support the development of future medical treatments.

JBCRG 下着屋Clove